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Here’s what the cool kids are doing in the kitchen these days

Home design always has its trends and fashions. There was a time when having green ceramic sinks was all the rage, thank goodness those days are done. Stainless steel appliances still have their supporters, but there’s also a trend towards making them fit in a little more.

Here are some of the ideas that got some traction in 2018, so far.

Putting the dining table in the kitchen

There’s nothing new under the sun. (Actually, there is and I will contradict the statement momentarily). There is a rotation of ideas and things go out of fashion and come back in. One old idea is bringing the dining table back into the kitchen.

It is a play on the idea that the kitchen is the heart of the house. Family meals which were not formal Sunday lunches, or Thanksgiving dinners were often in the kitchen. 2018 has definitely seen a movement back to the idea that a dining table creates conversation and discussion in a way sitting in a line down an island just doesn’t.

The next hot things in countertops

This is the something new – new countertops which have their very own anti-bacterial qualities were introduced in 2017/8. This new material is two thirds natural material and one-third high resistant resin. This is high power chemistry. Not only does the material have anti-bacterial qualities, but it also reacts with noxious gases removing them from the air and converting them to mineral salts and water.

Your kitchen counters will start to help clean the air in the kitchen and deal with Salmonella bacteria when you’re preparing chicken. This is definitely something you didn’t know you needed, but now you come to mention it…

With added details

Another addition in countertop design is to add options to increase the functionality of a countertop. The thought here is to put functionality right into the surface. Cutting deep grooves to allow water drainage into to sink and avoid the need for a draining rack. It is minimalist and it is hot.

For the foodie kitchen

This 2018 trend makes sense for the really committed cook. You have probably noticed that the countertop height is great for everyday cooking, but if you’re looking to do something special, the latest idea is to have one surface lower than the rest.

The idea is its better for your back if you’re kneading dough, or have to do a lot of chopping. The surface is usually of a different material than the rest of the countertops, often marble so that if you’re rolling out pastry you keep it cool. The idea of the two materials is to complement each other while creating an interesting point of comparison both in height and color.

White fatigue

Hopefully, some of these ideas will help if you’re experiencing white fatigue. White kitchens are so 2017. Changing out kitchens is a big deal though. Perhaps you could stick with the white a little longer?