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Making a room outdoors never goes out of fashion

There’s nothing quite as delightful as an outdoor room, it breathes calm and serenity, and truly extends the house into the great outdoors.  Too often summer comes around and we drag the same old chairs out of the garage or the shed hose them down and call it day. But an outdoor room has the potential to space you can use more than on just those summer days.

How do you create a room rather than having patio furniture?

The difference is in how you go about it. A room is made by boundaries and lines, so that’s one of the first things to look at. Are there ways in which you can add dimensions? If you do no more than adding a line of plants, or even a planer that is longer than it is wide, you will see the effect immediately.

If you have a large patio, what you’re doing is creating areas in the same way you might an open plan house. Use an outdoor sofa in the same way you would an indoor one for example. The back of the sofa becomes the separator.

It is also a good idea to provide some shade or even hardier overhead protection, that’s why we like being on a porch. You can still be outside when it’s raining in the summer if you aren’t getting wet.

Bringing inside-like things out

This requires a little care because of the elements, so the first job would be to watch weather patterns for a while. Once you know where and how the weather hits and where any water collects, you can begin to add elements which would look as good indoors as they do outside.

Adding a rug on a porch creates an immediate and different feel. These days there is plenty of outdoor carpets and it is way beyond looking like grass. Use the carpet as a way of creating the boundary too.

Adding extra touches of comfort make a huge difference too. Putting a few throw cushions around the place on top of the regular outside furniture cushions adds inside-like touches and creates the room feeling instead of a sitting area.


If what you want is immediate dramatic effects, then adding color, huge splashes of color is a perfect way of creating a feeling. Stucco tends to be white or beige, but it really doesn’t have to be. There are no rules to stop you having it red or bright green. Outdoors because there’s so much more space and light, you can add colors you might shy away from indoors. A red wall accented with green plants will make you feel like you’re in the Mediterranean not a USA backyard, I love the effect.

Add a fire pit

Having a fire pit will make your outdoor room usable for so much longer into the fall. Don’t forget to add some mood lighting or places to add candles and fairy lights and you’ll be happy until the leaves fall.